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We wanted to share with all our applicants a little bit about the church, it’s history, the town and the community.

Our History

First Baptist Church Weaverville (FBCW) has over a 70 year history. First established as a Bible study in the kitchen of one of its founding members, Myrtle Everest, FBCW quickly formed. After outgrowing Myrtle’s kitchen, the church started meeting at a space in the historic downtown section of Weaverville, CA, right next to a bar. Founding member and piano player Janet Edwards remembers having to play extra loud so you didn’t hear the hub-bub going on next door! From there they purchased a piece of land about a mile away on highway 299 (1960 something) and built the first official church building. The main floor was where the church held their weekly service along with a couple of classrooms. Underneath this was a basement that had a kitchen, small fellowship hall and a couple more classrooms. When this was outgrown, the church built a new worship center that could hold a couple hundred congregants and used the old building (affectionately known as “The Upper Room”) for Bible studies, kitchen/fellowship hall and the church’s AWANA ministry.

A New Family Life Center with 6,000 square feet was completed in 2008 with a basketball court, volley ball standards, AWANA game lines, large commercial-type kitchen, 3 downstairs classrooms, library, nursery, bathrooms with showers and two upstairs lofts. FBCW has been pleased to become the American Red Cross’s emergency Evacuation Center of choice, especially when people are displaced due to wild fires.

Without exception, what is unique is about FBCW is it’s steadfast commitment throughout its history to the preaching and teaching of God’s Word. Through 7 different pastors, the church has continued to hold fast in its confession of hope without wavering (Heb. 10:23) and been a light to it’s community (Mt. 5:16).

Our Community

Weaverville, CA is an historic gold rush town with a population of 4,000 nestled at the base of the Trinity Alps Wilderness in the mountains of northwest CA. It is an hour west of Redding and two hours east of Eureka. It is a beautiful place with towering mountains, miles of hiking and bike trails, camping, Trinity Lake (popular for fishing, house boating and water skiing), and the wild and scenic Trinity River, a blue-ribbon steelhead and salmon fishery that also boasts some amazing rafting and kayaking. Weaverville is home to the US Forest Service, Caltrans, a working lumber mill, tourist and other small businesses and is the county seat (Trinity County). Weaverville boasts a bowling alley, 9 hole golf course, 2 parks, rodeo grounds, aquatic center, performing arts center and a 2 screen movie theatre. It has many businesses including restaurants and fast food, a CVS, Holiday Market, Dollar General, and several smaller convenience stores and gas stations. There are also a number of smaller towns and communities spread throughout Trinity County, one of the most rural counties in CA.

Spiritually, the town is eclectic with numerous religions represented including the Jehovah’s Witnesses, Church of Latter Day Saints, Buddhist Temple, Catholicism, 7th Day Adventist and a handful of evangelical denominations such as Congregational, Lutheran, Full Gospel, Nazarene and several community churches. Also in the town is Mountain Chapel which was founded by Bill Johnson and Kris Vallotin who now head up the extreme charismatic mega church, Bethel in Redding, CA. Mountain Chapel still has strong ties to Bethel. While Weaverville is a somewhat a “land-locked” community with not a very big fluctuation in the population, the field is still ripe for the harvest. We have also often been amazed at how many people have actually moved to Weaverville for one reason or another and found our church.

Our Church

FBCW is a body of approximately 75 believers with our demographics ranging from young to old. Our 50+’s are probably our biggest age group but we also have some younger families with children. Our jr.and sr. high fluctuates but is currently at about 12 students. Our elementary is at about 6 students and we have several nursery and preschool aged kiddos. It is a body of working professionals (men and women), stay-at-home moms, senior saints, and both public and home-schooled kids.

FBCW is a church that exalts the Word of God and seeks to live in obedience to that Word. As a local body of Christ we are united both spiritually and physically, maintaining fellowship with one another through ministry events such as luncheons, all church Happy Birthday Celebration, Valentines Banquet, Wild Game Feeds, Teen Challenge Banquet, picnics at the park or member’s homes, Family Camp, Youth Camp, our ever popular Chili Cookoff, Pie and Praise (Thanksgiving), and Christmas Caroling and Cocoa. We have also either hosted or participated in Men’s/Women’s and Marriage retreats.

We are followers of Christ who desire to be a sweet aroma to the community around us. We don’t want to be isolationists in our Christian lives but rather be involved in our community for the cause of Christ and the gospel.

Our Ministries

  • Sunday morning: Sunday School for all ages, main service (1 ½ hrs), Children’s Church and often times some kind of Sunday night ministry that has included such things as youth group, AWANA/Dunamais, Sunday Night Study, prayer meeting, etc.

  • Men’s Ministry including Elders/Deacons, a weekly Bible study, quarterly men’s breakfast, kids/dads backpacking.

  • Women’s ministry including Deaconess group, ladies teas, Keepers of the Home, and other fellowship/teaching events.

  • Missions – The church has a rich history of faithfully and generously supporting its mission ministry. We operate with a missions committee and currently support 5 sets of missionaries and their families with approximately 12% of our annual budget going towards missions.

  • Youth/Children Ministry - Youth Group (jr. and sr. high), Dunamis (elementary), Children’s Church (K-2), children/youth Sunday school.

  • Other: A/V, Music/Praise Team, Missions Committee

Our Governance

We believe the 2 Scriptural offices of the church are Elders and Deacons. One of these elders is the teaching pastor, a man hired full-time to be the main pastor-teacher who devotes himself to the ministry of the church. The Elders are the spiritual leaders of the church and responsible for the overall direction of the church, especially in the preaching and teaching of the Word of God. The Deacons are primarily responsible for the finances (with elder oversight) and all matters pertaining to the buildings and grounds. A third group we call Deaconesses and while they are not a Scriptural office in the church, they are those women who serve in specific ways in the life of the church. We also have a number of ministry positions we call “staff.” Please see our Policy Guide for further information and descriptions.

In regard to congregational participation in the governance of the church, the congregation are asked once a year to affirm any new people the Elders have approved for those ministry positions designated in the policy guide. They also vote to approve the annual budget, make changes to the constitution and policy guide and when selecting a new pastor.

In addition, we are part of the California Association of Regular Baptist Churches (affiliated with the General Assoc. of Reg. Bap. Churches). However, this is an association, not a denominational hierarchy. We believe in the autonomy of the local church to govern itself.

Our Vision and Purpose for the Church

In obedience to the Word of God, the Bible, the purpose of First Baptist Church Weaverville (FBCW) shall be three-fold: 1) worship God, 2) build up its members for the work of service and 3) evangelize the lost with the gospel of Jesus Christ. In the implementation of our vision statement, the purpose of FBCW is to magnify and glorify God by introducing people to Jesus Christ, discipling believers to spiritual maturity, equipping the saved for ministry, and demonstrating God’s love through service.